EVE is your Virtual Assistant

Take your patient experience to the next level

Treatments today are no longer as dependent on the diagnosis and treatment plan of the physiotherapist or the physician. Rather, the critical health care consumer is increasingly involved in his/her own rehabilitation process. Patients enter the consultation room with their own diagnosis and treatment preferences. How does this affect the physiotherapist or physician’s role?

The role changes from the traditional physician-patient relationship to a more coaching role for the physician or physiotherapist. In this sense, the physician or physiotherapist is able to guide the patient in his/her recovery process. Now is the time for physicians or physiotherapists to go digital, with EVE as your virtual assistant.

Discover the world of EVE

The EVE Virtual Assistant manages the whole treatment process, guides through individual exercises, and collects all data for reporting. It helps therapists in making better treatment choices and motivates patients in their recovery journey.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

David technology is moving to the next level in data analytics which utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms and rapidly growing patient data, the David’s AI-engine optimizes the data collection procedure, finds subgroups of patients with similar treatment responses, predicts treatment outcomes, and optimizes treatment during different stages of the treatment period.

The EVE platform acts as a management tool in reporting the quantity and quality of operations of the instructors and patients, all online and in real-time. The entire EVE platform is currently available in over 15 different languages.

Patient friendly solution

EVE is a patient-friendly solution with a bio-feedback system and extensive reporting for insight into the patient's own progress. This modern way of providing care contributes to increasing authenticity and motivating the patient.

Measuring strength and mobility

With the DAVID devices and EVE software, we measure the strength and mobility of the muscles around the spine, knee, hip, and shoulders. These values are compared with norm values and displayed graphically in a clear report. The measurements help in making a diagnosis and the data is used to compile an individualized rehabilitation program.

Clinical outcome measurements

In the near future there is an increasing need for value driven care. The EVE Platform makes it is effortless to export all patient outcome measurements and patient reported evaluation measurements in one central digital place.

Therapist friendly solution

Providing care has never been so effortless. With EVE, the therapist uses objective data to make successful treatment choices and help patients on their recovery journey. Smart digital workflows reduce the administrative burden, allowing more time to treat patients. This allows a therapist to treat more patients at once, without compromising treatment quality.

All treatment data is instantly available for reporting with a few simple clicks – anywhere, anytime

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