Hip and Knee Solution

David Hip & Knee Solution is a key to manage the challenges set by an aging population and to improve surgery outcomes with pre- and post-operative treatment programs.

Tackling the degeneration with movement Human joints were designed by nature to last about 40 years. Degenerative diseases of the joints have become the main reason for pain and as a consequence, loss of life quality in the middle aged and elderly. The popularity of football, ice hockey, and skiing has contributed to the increased frequency of injuries like MCL tears.

There is a growing consensus in the medical community that controlled physical activity can be a major contributing factor in preventing and healing various knee and hip problems. It is a well-proven fact that for many musculoskeletal illnesses that require surgery as treatment, the outcome has been significantly improved by rehabilitative muscle training.

Providing a targeted, safe and efficient solution.

David Hip & Knee Solution is a key to manage the challenges set by an aging population and to improve surgery outcomes with pre- and post-operative treatment programs.

Typical indications

Osteoarthitis is the most common cause of chronic disability among the aging population. The effectiveness of an exercise in knee and hip osteoarthritis is attributed to its ability to reverse muscle sensomotoric dysfunction (weakness, fatigue, poor control), prevent abnormal movement and restore normal biomechanics, affecting better gait, relieving pain and improving function. The medial collateral ligament is one of the most commonly injured ligaments of the knee. The treatment of medial-sided knee injuries has evolved from surgical treatments to mostly non-operative management with an appropriate functional rehabilitation program. Active range of motion is initiated early to prevent stiffness with concomitant strengthening exercises.

Patellar instability describes patellar dislocation, patellar subluxation, and general symptomatic patellar instability. It accounts for 11% of the musculoskeletal symptoms and there is a higher incidence in females. Patellar instability can often be treated successfully without an operation. Ideal rehabilitation requires the avoidance of pain during exercise. The anterior cruciate ligament of the knee controls movement of the lower leg bone (tibia) relative to the thigh bone (femur) and guides knee extension. The goal of the treatment of ACL ruptures is to obtain the best functional level for the patient without risking new injuries or degenerative changes in the knee.

Pure perfection

The David Hip & Knee Solution is designed to tackle various hip and knee based disorders using the most effective and biomechanically correct cloud-based rehabilitation system available.

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The new generation in rehabilitation technology

David's medical certified rehabilitation devices are unique in the world and come with the following certificates:

Medical-CE device, class 1 m EN 957-1 EN 957-2 IEC EN 60601-1 IEC EN 60601-1-2


Hip Extension Device


Knee Flexion Device


Knee Extension Device


Multi-Function Leg Press Device


Leg Press Device


Hip Adduction Device


Hip Abduction Device

Hip and Knee Solution

DAVID produces medically certified exercise devices for the hip and knee. DAVID devices are remarkably easy to use. Advanced training technology for healthcare professionals. We collaborate with hospitals, physiotherapy centers, orthopedic clinics, wellness centers, and hotels.

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