Healthcare's Future: Strategic Investment in Technology

Recent and rapid advances in the implementation of technology have greatly affected the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery in the world. Simultaneously, diverse generational pressures-including the consumerism of millennials and unsustainable growth in the costs of care for baby boomers-have accelerated a revolution in healthcare delivery. Investing in Healthcare technology is a smart way to increase productivity and provide a greater return on investment.

3D Interior Design

We give each individual customer project the same degree of consideration as one of our showrooms. Whether it's a physiotherapy practice, a rehabilitation center, hospital, or a medical center, we take care of every detail of the layout, because the final result represents a showcase of DAVID's expertise.

Picture: design for Swiss Ortho Clinic

Business consultancy

David Health has experience in creating business cases all over the world. Precisely because we know that in every country and for every company a different business case is needed, we offer help in calculating the business case. Our consultants have extensive experience in setting up successful businesses.

Picture: BDSM Welness Clinic in Thailand

Marketing Support

Make the most of your investment with DAVID by taking full advantage of the promotional and educational tools that we offer.

The Marketing Support hosts an extensive selection of digital and printable marketing tools such as banners, images, videos, social media content, tailor-made websites, etc. (including white label and customizable tools) that can help you promote your center and communicate the value and characteristics of the David devices.

Reference centers

DAVID has more than 400 reference centers around the world. They tell the story of the success of our rehabilitation technology.

Medical Center

The Fysius Group is a unique physiotherapy concept that has locations all over the Netherlands. The concept focuses on back, neck and pelvis pain and helps over 35,000 clients a year find a personalized solution for their pain complaints.


The Spine center at the GZA Hospital Sint-Augustinus in Antwerp, Belgium has one of the largest back centers in the Benelux region. With such high patient volumes, technology plays an important role in ensuring rehabilitation quality and proper understanding of what each patient needs.

Company prevention

In the factory for Mercedes and Renault, among others, successful company prevention programs have been developed for employees with back problems. The devices are part of the production process so that they can be preventively trained on the David devices during worktime.

Australian Air Force

Applying the world’s best practice for strength and conditioning to the RAAF’s fighter pilots. The article, originally published in the Australian Aviation magazine, details how the Royal Australian Airforce (RAAF) utilizes the David Spine Concept to condition fighter pilots for their demanding tasks.

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