David Spine Solution

The David Spine Solution is a comprehensive evaluation and treatment concept for back and neck disorders. The solution uses carefully targeted movement and controlled loading to reverse the deconditioning syndrome related to back and neck pain.

Individualized programs are planned based on a questionnaire, physical evaluations and tests. Specially designed devices provide a safe and effective way of improving mobility, strength and spinal coordination.

Movement as medicine

The EVE Virtual Asistant manages the whole treatment process, guides through individual exercises and collects all the data for reporting. It helps therapists in making better treatment choices and motivates clients in their recovery journey.

Optimized biomechanics

The DAVID Solution includes joint-specific devices with optimized biomechanical properties for spine, hip & knee, and shoulder joints. Using correct joint and axis alignment, scientifically proven loading curves, and target area isolation enabled by effective fixations, these devices are remarkably gentle to the joints yet provide the highest possible neuromuscular training effect.

All training parameters are quantified and fine-tuned for each individual.

With all the sophistication in the devices and software, DAVID devices are remarkably easy to use. Registering to each device is done with an RFID card. Seats and other support elements are automatically adjusted and the program is retrieved from the cloud. After a few instructed sessions, patients master quickly the use of the system freeing human resources for more critical tasks. One physiotherapist can control 3-6 patients simultaneously without any reduction in the quality of care. Also, self-care is possible and proven both medically and economically very effective.

Case study at Mercedes Benz

Several notable manufacturing factories in Spain are running successful company prevention programs. These programs utilize the David Spine Solution to prevent and treat factory employees with back and neck pain problems. Companies that are running these company prevention programs in Spain include Mercedes-Benz and Renault.

EMG validation studies were done in collaboration with the University of Cologne, Germany to find out if David’s isolation principle really fatigued the target muscles and blocked the strong surrounding muscles.

*The Spinal Muscular Profile, Achim Denner, Springer 1992

The new generation in rehabilitation technology

Investing in the DAVID Spine Solution with the EVE Virtual Assistant allows the therapist to take a more holistic role, increases overall clinic productivity, and enables a high return on investment.

Certification Medical-CE device, class 1M: EN 957-1 EN 957-2 IEC EN 60601-1 IEC EN 60601-1-2


G110 Lumbar Thoracic Extension Device


G120 Lumbar Thoracic Rotation Device


G130 Lumbar / Thoracic Flexion Device


G140 Cervical Extension / Lateral Flexion Device


G150 Lumbar Thoracic Lateral Flexion Device


G160 Cervical Rotation Device

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